About MEMH


MEMH stands for Make Extra Money Here. It is a site to tell people that financial freedom can be easily achieved with just only a laptop and an internet connection through the power of affiliate marketing at anywhere in the world. This site also shares reviews of many information about the products and services in making extra money.


Why Is It Called MEMH?

Because this is the place where you can find an opportunity to learn how to do affiliate marketing which is mentioned at the bottom of this page to earn extra income and eventually becoming your full time income. You can also see many other products and services reviews which may serve as an opportunity for you to make extra money. That is why you can Make Extra Money Here.


MEMH Vision

To create many super affiliate marketers everywhere in the world making passive income online.


MEMH Mission

To share with as many people as possible from all walks of life about the opportunity here as well as other products or services reviews that can make extra money.


What Is The Opportunity That MEMH Mainly Offers?


MEMH mainly offers this opportunity called “Wealthy Affiliate” to you!


What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is an online business training platform that teaches and guides entrepreneurs to build a successful online business through affiliate marketing.

Why is it the best choice to join Wealthy Affiliate?

Because it is free to join as a starter member and people will be able to learn how to effectively apply affiliate marketing to build a sustainable online business. However, if you join as a premium member, you will be exposed to more in depth courses to learn which will benefit you more in your online business.

Who can join Wealthy Affiliate?

Anyone in any age group can join Wealthy Affiliate, as long as the person has a computer or laptop and an internet connection. There is no age restrictions to join. Also, you do not need to be an expert in any online skills set to join the online business training platform.

When can I join Wealthy Affiliate?

Anytime and any day, as long as you are ready to make your passive income online and achieve your financial freedom. However, your commitment is required in order to achieve your goals.

Where can I join Wealthy Affiliate?

Anywhere in the world. So long you have a computer or laptop and an internet connection.

How do I join Wealthy Affiliate?

You can join Wealthy Affiliate via MEMH. It will be recommended to join as a starter member first to get used to the platform and understand it better before stepping into becoming a premium member.

Before you join, do check out my review about Wealthy Affiliate first to understand more about the program.

Go to the page to read about my review by clicking the button below:

2 Replies to “About MEMH”

  1. This is really cool. I have been trying to get in online marketing for a while now. But the thing is their are so many scams out there. They promise you this and that, but when you buy into what they’re selling. It be complete crap, and the worst part is that you can’t even get your money back. So it makes it kind of hard to tell the real from the fake. I’ve heard good things about wealthy affilate, do people actually have success with it?

    1. Hi Garrett, yes, there are people who joined Wealthy Affiliate and make a success out of it. You should go and take a look since you have been trying to get in online marketing. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely a best place for you to start your online business and this platform have been around more than 10 years. Moreover, it is free to join as a starter!

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