Are the online survey jobs and work from home jobs a scam?

Many people in all around the world are seeking other avenues of work instead of just having a 9 to 5 job. There are many kinds of making extra money scams whether is it online or offline.

Speaking about online survey jobs, I have seen a lot of survey jobs on the internet that seems to be so real and tempting to take up the opportunity. People who are looking for extra income opportunity will tend to search for opportunities that are easier to earn and can have more time for themselves such as work from home.

However, many people tend to hold back after seeing some of the online survey and work from home jobs, thinking whether to join or not to join. Well, basically you need to find out whether these jobs are scams or not.


What to look out for?

1. You need to see whether you need to pay the company in order to start working, be it is a survey job or work from home job. From the facts is that you do not need to pay a single cent to get these jobs. These are called jobs. These company must pay you for your effort because you work for them. This is clear cut.

If you see any of these job opportunities that offer you requires some fees to get started then you can straight away walk off. So, do not pay for any fee to get a job (Getting a job through recruitment agency is a different matter).

As for business opportunity or online business training platform, it is not a job. It is a business. A business is an economic system where goods and services are exchanged for money.

When people are offering you a business opportunity, it means they want you to be partner with them and being a partner, you need to be part of the distributor or owner. So, you will need to pay for the opportunity in order to be part of them and make money.

You need to be clear about the difference between a job and business opportunity as there are many people who claim that there are work from home jobs available here and there but actually these are business opportunities, just that you can do it from home.

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2. You need to look out for is the comments that people are commenting about the online survey or work from home job. If you see that people are commenting that they are earning $500 in 30 minutes, then you probably can walk off too.

These comments could be an automatic robot system that updates the comments, date and time, making people believes that these comments are people recently commented on it, but actually is the robot that is doing the job.

Moreover, there is literally no one will ever earn that fast starting from scratch without any knowledge of that particular business. We all must always understand and believe that only hard work, determination, persistence, never stop learning and improving yourself then can lead you to your success in whatever you want to achieve in your life.

Let’s see this quote below that I print screen from a scam website.


This a lousy quote and there is no such thing as easily make money. If making money is easy, everybody will be a millionaire already. If you want to be rich and successful, then you better make sure you suffer before.

Life is short, your time is limited.So after seeing this kind of job opportunity, just close the website and ensure you clear your cache too just in case of virus as this maybe a scam.


3. You should look out for is those website that provides you a product of a system to work from home. There is no such product that will give a work from home job. If you see such product, then please run away from it.

Working from home can be anything like be a freelancer programmer, virtual assistant or a logo designer, but not from using a product to give you a work to do.

Freelance websites that you can work from home such as Fiverr, Elance and Freelancer are legitimate. You can sign up an account to start working from home if you have certain personal skills that you are good at.

So, never ever look for products to work. Look for freelance platform which is free to join.

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Some of them are legitimate.

There are definitely some online survey jobs that are legit. However, most of them or in fact all of them can only pay you a small amount of money or give you some discount vouchers or coupons to do survey.

These kind of jobs will not be able to get you to earn a full time income as these companies just want to get as many feedback as possible for their own businesses. That’s why they pay people to do survey. I personally never do any online survey jobs before, so I am not sure which is the best survey job to do.

If you want to earn some easy extra cash during your school holiday breaks, you can try to search for these jobs. But do remember to look out for what I have mentioned above.


As for working from home jobs, either you become a freelancer yourself or be a virtual assistant and get yourself hired by companies who are looking for this position. All these are legitimate. Any other than that is all scam.

Working at home is not an easy job as most of them is base on how hard working you are to earn your own commission. To put it simply, it is just like doing your own home base business. However, you are just trying to get as many customers as possible to get sales every month, then you are working on a sales job, just that you are working from home.

If you are looking for long term relationship customers, then you are creating and building a business. So, take note of the difference.


In general

Online survey and work from home jobs are not scams. They are called jobs, just that one is a survey job that needs to be done online and the other one is a job that can let you work from the comfort of your home.

Any jobs that requires you to pay an upfront fee to join an account or start working are called scams. You just have to know how to see this so-called “Online survey job” is really a job or not. Then you got to know and understand that earning money is always never easy.

So if you see such people called it “Work from home job” can let you earn $1000 in 20 minutes time, it is 100% scam. Do not need to bother about it.

To me, working from home be it is a job or business is a good thing as you are doing something that you want.


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4 Replies to “Are the online survey jobs and work from home jobs a scam?”

  1. Online survey jobs are legitimate alright. Site like Opini or GlobalTestMarket do pay for the survey. One thing is that you could be spending the first few minutes answering qualifying questions only to find out that you are not a right match for the survey. It’s really time wasting and not a good avenue for long term stable income.

    1. I agreed with you. Online Survey jobs can only earn some extra income, probably out of your free time or during your holiday break. In order to really get a stable income online, home base business will definitely be the best option. Moreover, it is very time consuming for online survey jobs and you earn a little bit. It is not worth for the time.

  2. I have tried a few survey apps to earn a little extra money in my spare time, but I’ve not earned anything significant yet. I would say that using apps like Spare5, Swagbucks, Surveys on the Go, QuickThoughts, Slic the Pie, and iPoll can give you a little extra money over time, but it’s nothing you’ll be able to provide for your family on! I’d be interested in reading reviews from you on some of the apps I mentioned above as they are ones I have loaded on my phone currently.
    Thank you for the information you’ve provided here!

    1. I see. Alright, I will take a good look into these apps to see how is it and write reviews on it! Overall, doing online surveys will not get you to earn a lot of money as all the companies can only pay you very little. These companies just want to get feedbacks in a faster way only. That’s my point of view.

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