Avoid Paying Money To Get Hired For a Job.

Most of us get a job in the private sector by going through interviews and showing our certificates. Then for jobs like military and police force, you get to an opportunity to sign on and get a lump sum sign on bonus. Well, as long as you do not have to fork out money to get hired, that will be okay.

In the past, I used to work in a foreign recruitment agency and I help some companies to get foreign workers. However, the foreign workers have to pay 2 months of their salary in advance to the recruitment agency in order to get a job. That is also absolutely fine because of supply and demand purpose. I believe other recruitment companies in other countries also practice the same as Singapore. As for local people, the recruitment company will not charge any amount to the local workers and instead, they will charge it to the employer of the company. I mean that is fair enough for both locals and foreigners.

All the above situations in getting a job are pretty much normal but I do encountered a special situation during an interview session for getting a sales job when I was on my school holidays after my “O” level exams. My friend found a part time sales job some where in the east side of Singapore and we were asked to go down to the company for an interview session. I have totally forgotten the company’s name already. We were sitting in a small conference room and then a sales director came in to have an informal interview with us.

The sales director asked us some basic questions like have we done sales before etc. and then shortly after, he introduced us their products that need us to sell to other people. Well, that is basically a salesman job right? Initially, I felt that this normal to tell us what are the products that we need to sell. But then, the sales director said in order for us to get this job and start selling, we have to pay for the products first.

At that moment, I was like huh??! Why should I be paying for these products and then sell it? That’s ridiculous! So I asked him why must we pay and he said this is to avoid any damage cost to the products when we bring it out to sell. Moreover, they do not have a retail shop for us to stand inside the shop so we have to carry the products ourselves outside and sell it to anyone and then we will get paid by commission. This is absolutely like a total scam!

Then after the sales director still try to convince us to pay for the products, I was like not listening to him any of his words anymore and then once he stopped talking, I said we will consider first and we have to go now. I have to make him feel that he had no choice but to let me leave and so he let us leave his office.

From my experience about this situation, I have learned some lesson with regard to finding a job and going for an interview session, be it a part-time or a full time job.


How can you avoid paying money to get hired for a job?

This does not apply to using recruitment agency. There are 5 ways that you can do first to prevent paying money to this kind of scam companies.

1. Either you get hired or not hired without any cash involved.

Either get hired or not hired

Yes, if the employer tells you something involved with cash in order to get hired, then forget about this job and start to search for other jobs available in the market. Do not ever give out your money to the company as you do not owe the company anything at all. They don’t deserve to be exist at all. So just walk out of the office straight away if they ask you for payment to get hired. You don’t have to give them faces.

2. Research on the company’s review or background first.

Research on company review or background

Before going for an interview, do check thoroughly about the company’s background first and make sure this company is officially registered in Country. Companies that usually have been around for 5 years and above are more stable in terms of management and financial capabilities.

3. Tell the employer to meet an open space for interview.

Informal interview

If you are feeling uncomfortable to go to the company’s office for interview, you can sound out to the employer to tell him to meet outside like cafe if is an informal interview. If there is no choice and have to go up to the office, then make sure you stand firm on your ground and focus on the key points of your job scope. If the employer said about money, keep your ears sharp and make sure you are very clear of what he said. If you are really uncomfortable or negative of going to the office, then I suggest you not to go for this company and continue to look for another company.

4. Don’t bring a lot of money in your wallet.

Do not bring a lot of money

Nobody needs to bring a lot of money to go for a job interview right? So just bring enough money for transport and lunch, that will be good enough. This is to prevent from the employer asking you to pay some money out for a job. For ATM cards and credit cards, I will recommend you not to bring out also or best is not to flash out your cards. You can flash out your wallet and show him the amount of cash you have and leave the employer with no choice.

5. Do a voice recording during the interview session.

Voice recording

Prepare a small recording device or smart phone and put inside your pocket to stand by for recording before the interview secretly. This is to make sure everything the employer mentioned are true and legal. If he talks about paying money, just stopped the interview session and tell him that you don’t want the job already. There after, you can straight away make a police report for this situation.


Best is to be self-employed or start your own business.

That is because you will not worry about all these scams coming and you are your own boss. Your income depends on your effort so it means your income will have no limitation at all. Isn’t that great? Moreover, you do not have to see anybody’s face just to endure for a monthly paycheck and you will enjoy more for the hard work of your own as you are working for your own wealth. Working for yourself also makes you think out of the box and get out of your comfort zone to grow in terms of your personal development to improve yourself in order to get great results. Great results means great income and great income means more wealthy, stability and sustainability.

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The best of the best is to start your own online business, especially doing affiliate marketing. That is because you do not need a lot of capital to start off with as I have mentioned lots of times in many previous  posts. As long as you have a laptop and internet connection, you can also work at anywhere and anytime you want. To find out more about starting an online business, check out the image below.


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2 Replies to “Avoid Paying Money To Get Hired For a Job.”

  1. Crazy story. The only situation like that that I’ve personally been in is one of those multilevel marketing presentations. When I read your post I thought it might have been something like that you walked into. Or maybe it wasn’t a “job” per se, but a hustle that you were being drafted into.
    Asking an employer to meet outside of the office is new to me, and sounds a little risky. I think perhaps it is good under a certain circumstance, but it’s difficult for me to imagine what that’d be like.
    Perhaps, it’s like a freelance job and you ask your employer/client to meet with you elsewhere, so the power dynamic is a little more balanced. Can you elaborate on that option some more?

    1. Hi, thanks for reading. For that option, it is just one of my own suggestions if a person who is going for a job interview session feels uncomfortable after researching about the company’s background but then still wants to try to go for an interview. My recommendations may not be ideal, so if anyone have better suggestions, feel free to comment it here and have more discussion about it. 🙂 

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