Difference Between An Online Job And An Online Business.

What is an online job?

Online jobs are jobs that offer you the ability to work from home using your computer and in some cases, you may need to use your telephone depending on the type of jobs that you do. Many people want online jobs that will allow them to stay at home and work. Employers pay you to perform work that you complete over the internet.

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Online Jobs


What is a job?

A job is defined many different ways, but a common definition is an individual task or activity that an employee does within their occupation. Examples of some online jobs are virtual assistant that does data entry, human resource related job scopes or accountant jobs and delivery man to help to deliver goods when there is a requirement using the company’s application etc.

Companies such as Monster and LinkedIn are the starting point, when it comes to using the internet to find talent, according to Elance CEO Fabio Rosati. In the future, it will be common for businesses not only to identify candidates online, but also to interview, hire, and work with them at a distance.


What is an online business?

An online business is a business that operates only on the internet world and make profits from the sales of goods or services. Some online businesses such as online advertising using websites or blogs, also called internet marketing to deliver promotional messages to consumers. It includes email marketing, social media marketing and mobile advertising etc. Affiliate marketing is one of the cheapest method to build an online business.

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The good thing about doing an online business is that you do not really need to register as a company at the initial start as compared to an offline business. This is really good especially for people who wants to start business with low capital.

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Many people nowadays will use their own skills such as writing and designing to do freelance jobs online to earn extra income. Whether is it doing online business or online job, it will give you the freedom to manage your own time clock. However, the earnings at the start will definitely be very little as you need to build up your own portfolio or business reputation.

Some people like to work at home on the internet at the convenience of their employer. This is suitable for parents who needs to take care of their children at home.

Online Business



No matter how you do it, internet jobs and internet businesses offer a tremendous amount of benefits for the person who wants to stay at home and work online. A key point is to find something that interests you, something that you have a passion for and makes you want to learn more about it. Wealthy Affiliate is a place where you can start off with to find out what is your passion.


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2 Replies to “Difference Between An Online Job And An Online Business.”

  1. It’s all about work put in versus work put out. If I work 40 hours in a week with a normal occupation, that is how much $ I will get. However, online businesses are ridiculously scalable. If I put in 40 hours a week, I could eventually get 2, 3, 4 or even 5 times as much $ from that. It is a very low upkeep verses revenue as compared to a normal occupation. Excellent write up

    1. Hi there, yup. Online businesses are very scalable. Its all depends on how much effort a person put in. Even if a person doing a freelance job online, he or she also needs to put in a lot of effort to get sales and build up his or her reputation. But however, if a person is being employed by an employer, be it online or offline, the salary will be a fixed salary, unless it is a sales job. Sales is like a business tester to test yourself on whether are you up for the challenge to build up your own business or not.

      Overall, business is not just about earning a lot of money and getting financial freedom. Doing a business is about solving people’s problem, issues or needs in day to day lives. This is what I think is suppose to be.

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