Freelance Platforms That You Can Use Online.

Do you have difficulty in finding a good paying job in Singapore? Actually, there are many jobs available in Singapore. Just that to get a good paying job is not easy as it is very competitive among many degree holders with an above average results. Many people want to hold a high position job but in fact, almost every company, there are only a few high position appointment needed for the job. So, there are many people settled down with an average pay job that can get by month after month. Many other countries are the same as well I believe.

While many people are settling down average salary job, there are also people who are unemployed and still look for a decent job. We all have certain unique skills that know of due to our upbringing and even if we do not have, we can always spend some time to find out what skills we can learn and make a living out of it or perhaps to make an extra income. Having a life skill of your own can survive without having the need to find a job and you will be like a freelancer that make money out of it.


What are the advantages of being a freelancer?

Being a freelancer, there are a few advantages as compare to a full time employee. Here are the 5 advantages of being a freelancer.

1. Your time is very flexible.

What time do you want to start working depends on yourself and you can work longer than normal working hours just to get more jobs to do to earn more money. You own the time and nobody is looking after your time.

2. You can work anywhere you like.

Yes, as a freelancer, you decide where you want to do your job at. Nobody is going to tell you to report to office and work.

3. You own your job.

Yup, you got your own unique skill set and you find your own clients then gets the job. So you own the job that you clinched. Nobody will take away your job except that you may have competitors within your range of your skill set.

4. You income is limitless.

The sky is the limit. You can earn as much as you want so long you get more jobs to do by spending more time on it. Like I mentioned, you own your job so nobody is going to stop you from earning more!

5. You do not need to report to any superior.

Yes, you don’t even need a superior to look after you. You are everything as you got skills to cater for people who need your skills to do the job and that’s it. You only need to report to your clients about the progress of the job.
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Being a freelancer, it is very much similar to being self-employed. As for self-employed jobs, you are parked under a company, just that you are free to get your sales for the company. But for freelancer, you are getting all the earnings by using your own skills set and then eventually build up your reputation. As a freelancer, you can also slowly build up as a business of your own which is much better.


What are the freelance jobs that you can do?

There are many things you can do as a freelancer to earn money as long as you have the required skills and knowledge.

As a freelancer, you are providing a service to people that need your help to accomplish it. The more clients you have, the busier you are and the more money you are going to make. Sounds good?

Well, here are the lists of freelance service that you can do to cater to many people needs:

1. Article Writing

2. Web Designing

3. Photoshop Editing

4. Logo/Poster/Banner Designing

5. Virtual Assistant

6. Digital Marketing

7. Article Translation

8. Graphic Designing

9. Video Editing

10. Data Entry

There are many more things that you can do to provide a service for people needs. The above 10 types are just the common ones that many people will choose to do from. If you do not have any of these skills set, then you can go to some of the freelance online platforms and see what you can do to provide a service to people.

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Tapping an online platform to do freelance jobs.

There are many platforms that you can use to do your freelance job online as it is much easier to get your clients. However, it is also very competitive as there are many people also using the platforms and probably doing the same job as you are. So, in order to get more clients, your service got to be somewhere at the elite level.

Let’s take a look at 5 platforms that you can tap onto:

1. Freelancer



This platform is quite a good reputation for freelancer as well as people who need freelancers to do some jobs for them. I have tried using this platform to hire a freelancer to help me to write an ebook and the service is top-notch. My ebook looks very professional and no grammar mistakes were made. The domain name of the website by itself is already called freelancer so I will think many people when they need to find freelancers, they will immediately type in “freelancer” on Google search engine. So it is easier to find clients inside this great platform.

The payment mode transaction is PayPal. You need to setup your PayPal account first before connect it with Freelancer. All your earnings will be inside your Freelancer account. So you need to transfer your money from your Freelancer account into your PayPal account.

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2. Guru



This is website also very reputable and the feel of this platform is much similar like Freelancer website. There are over about millions of freelancers using this platform to build up their reputation. So, there will be definitely have lots of clients using this platform too.

3. Upwork



This platform also quite good in terms of the user-friendly and you will constantly keep getting prompted about the number of people who are looking for their particular freelancer in your email. However, it may get irritating to keep receiving emails when you are not using Upwork for the time being. But overall, instead of feeling irritated, it should be a happy thing that Upwork tells you that there are clients out there looking for you which is actually good.

4. Craiglist Singapore



There are high traffic of people coming to Craiglist everyday and if you post your gig over there, the chances of getting clients is quite high. But then again, your services must be one of the best and also depending on how you post your gig to attract people reading it. Other countries also have Craiglist and from what I have experienced, posting of your stuffs in the Craiglist can only be done in your own country. You cannot post your advertisement on other countries Craiglist.

5. Fiverr



Fiverr is one of the best freelance website that you will definitely want to use it to make money. The niche of this platform is every service a freelancer provides will cost at a minimum of $5 only and this is so catchy plus addictive for clients as it is very cheap to use the service. I have used Fiverr as a freelancer and also as a client to look for professional designer to design my postcards for my family. I used to be a freelancer to do typing job for people. But right, I have stopped doing it as there are no demands in the market and many people would rather be hiring a virtual assistant who can do almost every administrative jobs than just know how to do typing by copy and paste from a PDF document to Word document. If there are people who need me to do typing jobs, I will glad to help out as my gig is still in my Fiverr account.


Freelance is a service job after all.

A service job means you got to keep on working to provide a service to people. When you have a project or job given by your client, you do it for him by providing your service and your service is your skill set that you have. It is good to cater service for people who need help so as to help them save more time and energy. But, if you don’t make your service big enough to become a big business then you are going to be very tired doing it as you only two hands and 24 hours a day. In fact, not 24 hours, is lesser than that.

What I am trying to say here is this, instead of just doing it by yourself, you can outsource it to many potential people to help you to do your job by hiring them. It is okay to earn a little lesser and lessen your load, then treat this as your own business and build up a good reputation on it.

However, as your business grows, your capital needs for business will also become bigger. You will have to learn and manage along the way.



Doing a business is risky, but it is a huge step to jump over from an employee, freelancer and maybe self-employed person to a business owner of a company that will change your life forever. To achieve financial freedom, you need to know how to do investment and fight inflation. So you need money to make it happen and in order to make it happen, doing a business is a way to earn a lot more and faster in the long run. Being an employee is comfortable but it will not help you to fight inflation and you income is always fixed based on your certificate qualifications plus your working experience. So it is a lot harder to have more money to do investment for achieving financial freedom.

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Having said all these, I will still say doing an online business is the best way to earn money as you do not need lots of capital and you can work at anywhere you want so long as you have a laptop and an internet connection. It is as simple as that. You can check out the image below about the program that I am offering in this website.


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