How to get yourself motivated all the time when building an online business?

Motivation is a tricky beast. It is necessary for the hardest tasks you set for yourself, but is elusive. One moment you are filled with enthusiasm, motivated to achieve your loftiest ambitions and grow a large, thriving, and profitable online business, and the next, it’s slipped away from you and you struggle to achieve even the smallest of tasks.

How can you get yourself motivated every day? There are several tricks that successful people use to keep their motivation high and their achievements consistent and dramatic.


1. Set the right goal

Goals are best achieved when they are SMART–that is, specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timely.

For you to succeed at building an online business, it is not enough that you have a vague goal, like “build a successful online business.” Instead, you need a SMART goal, something like: “In the next six months my online business will double in size.” SMART goals are easier to reach because they are easier to visualize.


2. Visualize your goal

This goes along with setting the right goal.

For you to achieve it, you have to have a detailed and clear vision in your head of what the goal will look like. What will your day to day activities look like when you have achieved your goal? What changes will you make in your life?

Know the future before you reach for it.


3. List out the reasons you want to achieve this goal, and keep the list with you.

Motivation flags and desire is fleeting, but success takes work. By listing every reason you want to succeed, from the big ones (“financial independence”) to the smallest ones (“enjoy my work more”) knowing what matters to you and what the achievement of your goal will mean to your life is what will keep you going when it gets hard.


4. Break your goal into smaller goals.

Some days it will seem impossible that you can achieve your goal. Big, hard goals take time and effort. Make it easier for yourself by breaking your goal into smaller, easier goals. Instead of focusing on doubling your online business, work on increasing it by 5 percent this month.

By making the goals smaller and more frequent, you can maintain your focus. Treat yourself to a reward when you achieve your smaller goals, to help keep your enthusiasm high.



It is not easy to keep your motivation when you are building an online business. Building an online business is hard work, often done alone, and it can make you feel like you are chasing a fool’s dream.

But with hard work and persistence, and by utilizing the four simple strategies above, you can maintain your motivation and enthusiasm and achieve your goal of online success.

You can get yourself motivated every day when building an online business. By setting the right goal, visualizing it clearly, keeping the reasons for your goal in your mind and breaking your big goal into smaller goals, you can achieve success in your online business.


Quote of the Day!

“Tough times don’t last but tough men do. Hard work will definitely lead you to your success.”


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6 Replies to “How to get yourself motivated all the time when building an online business?”

  1. These were the best tips and in the best time that I could get. I’m currently really lacking motivation as my hard work that I did is not awarded at all, I think all of us sometimes have these moments. I know I’m not giving up on my online business but this was what I really needed at the moment. Thank you!

    All the best,

    1. Hi Jolita, you are welcome! Same here, there are often times whereby I will feel the lack of motivation in building my business. So, just nice I thought I could write some tips so that all my readers will benefit from it. 🙂 Most importantly, keep on going and keep moving up towards your success. Always remember this in your heart.

      All the best to you too.

  2. When it comes down to it, motivation and work ethics are your two greatest enemies in any business, more so online.
    If you are willing to learn and improve enough you will be successful eventually, but it might take years for you to make anything worth while, and that’s a sad truth really.
    Unless you can pull through all of that hardship you aren’t going to make it.
    I don’t want to leave any bad feedback, but your post is a bit of a “me too” post – you end up saying what everyone else is saying and that’s a shame, because a lot of the stuff you write is worthwhile

    1. Hi Vlad, thanks for the comment about my article. I am just saying what I want to say in the article. I will keep improving on writing articles.

      I agree with you, it takes many years of hardship to achieve success. So getting yourself motivated is very important and is essential. Motivation is either your enemy or your best friend. That’s what I think. 🙂

  3. You really nailed it here. I’m not the best person when it comes to sticking to my goals.
    Are these goals essential towards building a successful online business?
    As a family man with limited time on my hands could you recommend a daily task schedule for a man in my position?
    I am new to the online business world

    Thanks for sharing this information

    1. Hi Ryan, these goals are important as it plays a part of your daily life. I can understand there are many people with limited time as there are many other things that need to take care of. From what I can advise now is to use your free time wisely and stay focus in it. Cherish every seconds because it counts. I found a useful video which I think can help you to think deeply on how to schedule your time. No matter how busy you are, if you are determined to succeed in your business, you will find time to make it happen. Thanks for asking me for recommendation, I will go think about it and write it out on my new post.

      Here is the link to watch the video —>

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