How To Overcome Your Bad Habits To Achieve Your Success?

Everyone has bad habits. It is just that some people have less of it than the others, and some people’s bad habits are more grating than those of others, but we all have them. There are two types of bad habits: The ones you know that you have, which others cannot notice and those that you do not know that you have, but it is well-known to everyone around you.

How can you get rid of bad habits, even if you do not know you have it? The answer is simple but difficult: Ask someone to be brutally honest with you. You may be afraid being embarrassed, but would you, rather everyone talks behind your back? Summon the courage and ask. Ask someone who loves you and that has your best interest in mind. Be gracious and don’t defend yourself. Just accept it and work on it.

What about those who know? These are the toughest ones. Why? They have to be difficult if you know about them and yet, you still have them. If not so hard, they would be previous bad habits.

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How can you shun bad habits out of your life? Here I will be discussing some tips that can help you out.


1. You need to be ready to let go of your bad habits.

Indeed, some people really want to continue with their bad habits and stick around. The very first thing is to go deep in slamming your heart and ask, do I really want to give this up?

If your response to this is yes? Good. Then let’s move on to the next step …


2. Make a list of all the reasons why you want to stop your bad habits.

Let the list be positive and long. Start with the most very powerful and dramatic if necessary. Memorize them, and put them in your mind.

You are making connections between quitting the bad behavior with the views of good things you will get from doing so. If you want to lose weight, then imagine yourself thin and looking good in skinny jeans. If you want to stop smoking, imagine being able to kiss a woman instead of sending you to the bathroom to brush your tooth.


3. Decide.

Once the information is gathered, it comes down to one thing, which is known as the act of the will. Choose to do it. Say to yourself repeatedly throughout the day, I have decided to…

Eisenhower rightly said, “The history of free people is not written accidentally, but by choice, their own choice.” It’s your choice. You can write your story.


4. Take action.

This is complicated and tricky because there are two philosophies about it.

One of the theories is that you need to take massive action, you must be committed to going all or nothing. Let’s use the weight loss as an example, Someone who wants to lose weight will pay $500 to go join the gym, He will have to rework his schedule and hit the treadmill every day for a year. This will solve all the fat in the chassis. They go all out – and they do it for anything.

Others would burn out on that, they feel like failures and worse off than before. They need to start slowly, take small steps, but working diligently toward a planned destination. That person would decide to start walking three days a week. They would decide to limit desert from seven a week to a night or two per week.

Anyway, it was okay, as long as you reach the goal along the way. Which one are you?

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5. Tell somebody.

This is your accountability partner. Tell him your goal and tell him your plan. Write it down for him and have him to ask you about your progress on it regularly. This will prove to be invaluable.


6. Recover from failure.

It is inevitable that most people will have setbacks. The key is just to have them set back without looking back. Pick up yourself and keep going again.

Some people want to lose 30 pounds of their weight and after losing 15 pounds, they start eating a gallon of ice cream. Then they feel bad and give up. Don’t! Reset your goal for another two weeks and get going again. Chalk it up to experience! Just say to yourself, sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose just to gain experience.


7. Reward yourself.

You have to congratulate yourself regularly by rewarding yourself with some gifts. Start with small success and plan big one when you finally have full control over the habit.



Is it that so easy? Most of the time, no. Habits are difficult to change. There are so many intangible habits that are difficult to cover up. But this is a simple and practical plan that will help you make great progress if you only apply the principles.


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2 Replies to “How To Overcome Your Bad Habits To Achieve Your Success?”

  1. Hey Peter, thanks for this great, interesting an very useful guide to getting rid of bad habits. I don’t really have problems with unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking and bad foods. But I my main problem is more that I often get distracted very fast and thus being rather unproductive. I will try to use yous steps to avoid this as good as possible in the future.

    1. Hi there, you are welcome! It is so grateful that people are able to see my guide on how to overcome bad habits. I want to make sure people will get benefit from what I had mention in my article.

      For your case, you got to stay focus at all time. Think about the end results and also think about why you want to get started doing your business in the first place. Always keep asking yourself why you start this business. Your reasons have to be strong enough to make it a priority to make yourself to go all out and achieve your success, then you will be able to stay focus at all time. I believe you can do it, that’s why you started it.

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