How to stop feeling negative and start feeling positive?

When you think negatively, you believe that you are being objective. You see only obstacles everywhere. All solutions are impossible to achieve. You will keep having negative thoughts because you understand that you are in a difficult position. You cannot but worry and feel sorry for yourself.

On the other hand, the negative thoughts have also a negative effect in your mind and body. You feel tired, sick, weak and depressed. Everything becomes worse to you.

Negative thought always leads you to start feeling negative about yourself. Have you ever stopped to consider how thinking negative thoughts affects you reality? It is easy to get lost in a cycle of thinking negative thoughts pertaining to the past or future.

However, in doing so, we rob ourselves of the opportunity to be happy in the present. Seconds, minutes and hours can pass us by as we continue to get caught up in a cycle of negative thinking – further embedding the seed cause in our consciousness in the process.

But how do you go about breaking free of these negative thought patterns?

There are many techniques that can help you detach yourself from negative thoughts but, it all starts with being more mindful of your thought processes, becoming the observer rather than the thinker.


Consider the following tips to help you do just that.

1. Cultivate the art of mindfulness

Learning how to stop thinking negative thoughts starts with learning to cultivate mindfulness. Why? Because if you are not mindful of your thoughts, then you are simply allowing them to roam free and distract you from what is going on right now.

By being more mindful, you are more present which means you are living in the moment and not distracted by past, future or circumstantial situations. Become the observer of your thoughts, question them and you will soon come to realize that you control your thoughts and not the other way round.


2. Make meditation a daily ritual

Meditating is an effective tool for gaining control over your thoughts. Through daily meditation you will learn to shut out that nagging voice in the head and instead focus on being more mindful and in tune with your consciousness.

A basic mindfulness meditation is perfect for mastering your thought processes as you will train the mind to acknowledge thoughts without allowing them distract you from being present, focused and most importantly is to stay positive.


3. Empower yourself with positive mind

Have you ever stopped to consider how external sources affect your own state of consciousness? Negative programming is detrimental to your own thought processes. Aim to surround yourself with positive people who make you feel good and raise your vibration, but more importantly, you need to be mindful of external sources of information.

Switch off the news and other negative media, then empower yourself with feedback and solicitations that are positive in nature such as watching motivational seminars, reading positive quotes.


4. Stop “Labeling” yourself

If you are constantly ridiculing yourself with negative thoughts such as “life is so unfair, why does my life sucks”, then you are negatively programming your belief system. The problem is that this can become a vicious cycle in which you lower your self-worth, opening doors for more negative thoughts to surface.

Again, use mindfulness to alert yourself to these thought processes and refrain from labeling yourself. When self-destructive thoughts do surface, use affirmations to correct them.


5. Challenge your thoughts

Oftentimes, your thoughts are future tense meaning they carry little significance in terms of truth, they are hypothetical. So when negative thoughts do surface, challenge them.

Ask yourself “Is there any significance or truth behind what I am thinking?” You will soon realize that your negative thoughts are a manifestation of your imagination.

Also, by questioning your thoughts, you are training the mind to habitually stop thinking negative thoughts through mindfulness.


6. Learn from past mistakes

The past is the past and there’s nothing you can do to change it. We all make mistakes and have regrets that creep up on us from time-to-time but using the past against yourself resolves nothing.

Each mistake presents an opportunity to learn and grow as a person. So instead of getting bogged down and focusing all your mental energy on past situations, learn to accept past mistakes as a learning curve and leave them where they belong – in the past.

From negative to positive


These following tips will provide you with practical solutions and get you thinking into more positive outcomes:

1. Listen to your thoughts

The first step is acknowledgement of your thoughts by tapping into what you are really thinking. This sounds incredibly simple but are you really listening to what your thoughts are saying?

Our thoughts are made up of conscious and unconscious thoughts so some thoughts you are aware of and some thoughts you aren’t. As I said above some media and people around us are telling us what we should be like for example the perfect partner, daughter or son and friend.

If we are aware of this, we have a choice not to buy into these thoughts. So my suggestion is to carry a pen and paper around with you for one day and during this day, write down any negative thoughts that you have.

Be aware of any common trends and similar thoughts that repeat themselves during the day. This is an extremely powerful exercise to bring awareness and then this will bring change to you.


2. Take care of yourself

It is a lot easier to think positive of yourself if you have a good diet, keeping fit and getting a good night sleep.


3. Remind yourself of the positives

The stresses and challenges in your life don’t seems to be as bad when you remind yourself of the good things in life. By taking a minute out of your day to reinforce this though will make a big difference.


4. Don’t make assumptions, look for the facts

The fear of not being liked often leads us to the assumption that we know what others must be thinking. This is usually not reality.

If a family member or friend is grumpy, do not assume it is your fault. Speak up and ask them what the problem is. Don’t assume it is you.



From now on, treat yourself as if you are the king and queen. Do not accept anything mediocre for your life. Whenever you wake up in the morning, tell yourself that you will succeed. While you are going through each and everyday, tell yourself in your mind that you will be successful in whatever you do.

If you go to school, tell yourself that you will get good grades in every class. If you have a job, tell yourself that you will do the best job each and everyday at work.

If you keep telling yourself these things, you will succeed. If you will like to feel better about yourself, change your outlook on life from being negative to a positive person.


Quote of the Day!

“It is hard to beat a person who never give up!”


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4 Replies to “How to stop feeling negative and start feeling positive?”

  1. Thanks Peter for this post. We all have been a part of “stinking thinking” at some point in our lives. The areas you have pointed out here of how to take control of you thought is absolutely what is needed.

    Yes I agree training the mind will lead to the way a person will lead their lives. Having a daily routine is one way of getting your mind and thoughts ready for the day.

    Deciding what to believe and not to believe is half the battle. Having a daily routine of promoting positive thoughts will lead to self healing as well.

    1. I totally agree with you. Keep staying positive will naturally makes you happier and it may probably helps you to improve your thinking skills too. You will also become healthier, stronger and have good control of your mind. Positive thinking also trains your mind to tell yourself not to give up on your ongoing business and keep it going no matter what. All of us should constantly promoting positive thinking.

  2. Hi Peter,

    I can honestly say I fell deeply into a negative mind set. All kinds of thoughts ‘against’ myself. I thought I perceived others constantly ‘judging’ me for my inadequacies. My ‘fears’ were like waking nightmares, they ‘seemed’ to be every where. My failures were nothing more than self fulfilling prophecies. I was quick to anger and quick to fear, two extremes of the same coin to sickening intensities.

    I am delighted you have offered the advice, that for the most part of your amazing post, I learnt through books and little bits of quotes and movies here and there.

    Do not under estimate the power of your thoughts. If you are going to ‘think’ then think well of your self and your perception can be returned to normalcy. Think well on every idea that seems to impress up on your mind, so long as you think in the opposing direction of destruction, you will re-train your mind successfully to a healthier perception.

    Yes Peter, I agree that negative thinking can make you ill. I thought so badly that after a while, at only 17 years old, my hands were actually starting to seize up. This, I have no doubt, was pure and deeply concentrated negative energy.

    Anyone looking for advice on this issue would do very well to read this post, for, there is so much truth that can be a crucial turning point for many peoples mind sets.

    Great post Peter, thank you kindly for sharing it.

    All the best,


    1. Hi Philip, thanks for sharing your thoughts too. Our thoughts will lead to our actions and our actions will lead to our results. Our results will eventually lead to where we are. So whatever is thinking inside our head is very important. We should not only think positive, but also have a correct mindset and be clear of what you want to achieve for your goals. We all have to be careful of what we are thinking.

      Will keep sharing new stuffs soon. 🙂

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