Is Every Online Business Opportunity a Scam?

Have you been hearing a lot about making money online business recently? There are series of hype happening Online these days, and populace are pitching the chance all over the place principally on social media.

A friend of mine lately read an article titled ‘A Beginner’s Guide to Earning Online’. It was a very attention-grabbing reading which appears to be very helpful information. He too, have wondered how money can be earned online in a safe and sound approach without a few scam traps, get-rich-quick schemes, or rapid sand traps I must not get close to. You see, he is a student at the University of Technology Jamaica and he has been thriving to find something to fetch him some income and his family (he and his beautiful wife). He read the article and it prompts him to imagine of the said way of income earning and has encouraged him to think of other resourceful ways to earn money. Then he came across a video on YouTube, a video that promised big take-home pay every month. Unsurprisingly, He thought to himself: Is this genuine? Then the further thought was to consult a specialist. So, he asked me, what are my thoughts?

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One of the most significant lessons in making money online is that, if you come up to jam an ‘opportunity’ that seems excessively good to be true; it’s nearly always is a scam. I viewed the YouTube video he sent to me. The nature of income it promises is nothing to laugh at. It amounts to yearly earnings of approximately US $180,000, which is more than three times the present median household earnings of Americans.

The video begins with a computer screenshot of a supposed bank report showing an account balance of about US $12,000 and a ‘daily saving’ of US $5,000. That bank statement and two large red arrows directing you to hit the link in the explanation is the one and only image you can see in the throughout the three minutes video in which someone is sounding like a man with an American tone of voice, introducing himself by name only, and claims that the bank balance is his. He furthermore says he desires to assist women to make a huge lot of money online so that they can keep on at home and take proper care of their children. Of note is his claim that mothers can make these enormous sums of money exclusive of putting in regular or lengthy work hours and that they can as a final point leave their jobs or stop searching for employment.


The Internet Income Red Flags

The video seems to possess all the red flags of scam, and I would not advise that you should go after it. In general, Internet income scams have a tendency to have the following characteristics:

  1. A promise to earn huge amount of money;
  2. A promise to earn money rapidly;
  3. A promise to earn money with little or no effort;
  4. A very indistinguishable sketch or description of the opportunity;
  5. A nonexistence of the scammers image or likeness;
  6. An urgent demand to take action or get started;
  7. Upfront payment as right to entry or right to use the opportunity;
  8. Promises that seem excessively good to be true.

You should make a note that work-at-home employment opportunity scam is one of the biggest and most severe among all on the Internet. In actuality, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation geared up a disquieting revelation concerning these scams in its 2013 Internet Crime Report.

“The Work-at-home scam continues to be extremely booming as more and more individuals twist to the Internet to look for jobs. Unfortunate economic situation leads people in the financial hardships to agree to any type of work they are offered. Although countless work-at-home victims are unconscious in their involvement in these scams, others are witting participants. Regardless, these set of people can face criminal charges, and, potentially, prosecutions. Victims of work-at-home scams are repeatedly recruited by organized cyber criminals all the way through newspaper ads, online employment services, uncalled-for emails or ‘spam’, and social networking platforms. Sufferers of work-at-home schemes turn out to be ‘mules’ for cyber criminals who make use of their financial accounts to steal and launder money,” the FBI report says.

There are millions of dealing and income opportunities accessible online, but the greater parts of them are fake. Every year, over 250,000 people report being scammed on the internet, at the same time as many others suffer this and keep mute as they feel too embarrassed to make a formal report.

During the last five years, unsuspecting Internet users are reported to have vanished over $3 billion to online business scams, but the figure is likely to be far higher given the never-ending trouble of under-reporting of these types of frauds.

The US Federal Trade Commission observes that several numbers of the most widespread business opportunity scams plunge in the categories of “franchise opportunities, setting up an Internet business, multilevel marketing and promotion, work-at-home business, at-home medical billing, envelope stuffing schemes, mystery shopper, investment and business opportunities seminars, and job scams”.

The most excellent way to empower yourself in opposition to Internet scams is to turn out to be well-informed about them and temper your hope on lawful and justifiable opportunities to make online. Always try to remember that there is no shortcut to success when it comes to creating legal and sustainable income sources. It usually takes time, training, experience, and you will not get rich at once or immediately.  As we all know deep down, and if not, we should declare that there is no shortcut to success once it comes to creating a lawful and sustainable income source. It takes hard labor; dedication and you have to be willing and eager to learn from good sources, sacrifice in the short term and be willing to pay the price!


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8 Replies to “Is Every Online Business Opportunity a Scam?”

  1. Hello here. I agree with you that the Internet is the wild place where you can find great deals but sometimes you can fall down the drain losing all money and time.
    Previously I believed in many shiny things till I got lesson. Fortunately this lesson ended happily. I got my money back. The biggest win was finding Wealthy Affiliate.
    This company with vibrant community offered and offers top- notch education.
    Not everybody was lucky as me. You do great job spreading message about this legit and transparent company.
    All the best, be healthy and wealthy, Nemira.

    1. Hi Nemira, Wealthy Affiliate is indeed a great company and the best platform to build an online business through affiliate marketing. In the internet world, there are lots of opportunities to make money but not a single company that can provide a free platform for people to get in touch on how to start building a business online. This platform teaches people how to build it from a scratch. So, not every online business opportunity is a scam. We all got to do a thorough research to check on the opportunity given is a legit one or not.

  2. Thanks for the advice on internet income scams. It can be all too easy to talk yourself into the “to good to be true, extending little effort” offers, but you’ve provided a list of red flags that are helpful when trying to distinguish between legitimate sites and those that are not. I liked your use of the FBI’s Internet Crime Report in your post, it’s astonishing that over 250,000 people are scammed each year. Can unwitting victims of these scams be prosecuted for criminal charges when they are not aware of being involved?

    1. Hi Kendra, I am not so sure whether the victims will get prosecuted or not. You got to read the laws that govern all the business stuffs. That is why I always strongly recommended to find out more about the opportunity given to you before committing yourself to it. Or else, you may get yourself in deep trouble.

  3. Hi there! I just finished reading your article about business opportunities and just wanted to share my thoughts with you.

    I started out online a few years ago and I can tell you that there are a lot of scams out there. I found it very difficult to find a legit way to earn money online. The problem that many people face is that they waste so much time trying systems and techniques that will never work. I personally spent months of wasted time, working on out dated methods. Thankfully I found the truth in the end!

    1. Hi Andrew, i can understand the pain of trying out the systems and techniques. That is why we need to read more reviews about these systems. Best of all is always find a well established mentor like Peng Joon from Malaysia or Kyle from Wealthy Affiliate which I always recommended. Because they are the ones that have succeeded making a lot of money online. They know how to do it. So why not just follow their methods to achieve the same results?

  4. Hey Peter, completely agree, in the desperation to become more independent and making more money a lot of people fall for these scams. It’s actually a lot of work and effort to make money online, but it is possible, it’s just a matter of finding the correct website. I can also vouch for Wealthy Affiliate’s legitimacy and opportunity, thanks for this.

    1. Hi Victor, it is good that you are tapping on Wealthy Affiliate to build up your business.

      Yes, a lot of times, people will tend to get tempted in joining a so-called business opportunity that was introduced by other friends because of their benefits etc. That is why a lot of researching about the reviews of these opportunities need to be done so that we will know deeper about these companies to see if is a scam or not. Moreover, we need to know well the rules and regulations of doing a legit business in order to prevent us from getting scammed by scammers.

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