Meet Howard

This is me in cartoon.

Hello everyone! My name is Howard and I am the writer of this blog.

I am a simple person who want to pursue financial freedom using affiliate marketing to have more time for a better life.

I want to share my blog post talking about my reviews about many sources and ways or methods that can make extra money. For every post, I will write at least 500 to 700 or maybe 800 plus words. I will try to keep it at not over 1300 words so as to keep it clear, neat and easy to read.


Why Do I Want To Create MEMH?

Like I mentioned above, I created this blog is because I want to share every of my reviews about sources that can make money so that you can have some thoughts about it on whether this particular making money method is suitable for you or not.

The other reason to create MEMH is because I want to share with many people as possible about the best and powerful affiliate marketing training platform that I know so that everyone can get the chance to learn how to build a successful online business effectively and eventually achieve financial freedom.

I am very determined in making this a successful one because it will really help a lot of people to ease their financial problem and be financially free.

There are many people in the society working so hard just to get monthly paycheck to survive. Most of them don’t even like their job at all. It is very suffering everyday working on a job that you don’t like and then you feel like you don’t have a choice as you have a family to feed on.

I have seen and I know that many people are going through this suffering from 8am to 5pm or 9am to 6pm everyday. That is why I want to create MEMH to help as many people as I can.


Two Other Reasons That Triggered Me To Create MEMH.

1. Jobs Are Never Secured.

Our jobs will never be secured because once you are out of job, your income will straight away drop to $0 and that is what active income defines it. Having a job means you have an active income and I come to realize that having just a job to secure your future is never safe.

When you reach at your old age and your health problems may start appearing, you may not have the energy to keep on working. You may have to stop working and retire. By then, your income will be back to $0 again.

It is good to have a job as you will have an income to support yourself and your family. However, life is not just about working for money to survive. We all live to seek for happiness.

We live a life not just to work and pay bills like robots until we die. We live a life to our fullest so that we will not regret when we are going to leave this world at our golden age. So all of us have limited time to really live a life that we want. So in order to have more time to spend doing what we want to achieve, a passive income is actually essential for everyone of us.

2. To Build An Online Home Based Business To Make Passive Income.

Many people are always trying to find out how to build a passive income. Well, a stable business is required in order to have a passive flow of income going into your bank account. You got to own a business first before your passive income will come in.

In order to have a passive income, a solid system is required to help to create an automatic cash flow for your business. Your income will becomes 10 to 100 times bigger than a paycheck of a job and you will have flexible time for yourself.

However, building a passive income is not an easy path as it requires a lot of time and effort to achieve it. But once you have achieved the stage of earning a full time passive income, your life will definitely be a lot more different.

There are many ways to make money and create a passive income. But the best way is always affiliate marketing. This is because you do not need to have any products in order to start selling. The only two things that you need to have in order to do affiliate marketing are your laptop or computer and an internet connection. That’s it.

In the past, people used to say doing a business is only suitable for the rich. In today’s era, that is not true anymore. Because setting up a business on the internet do not requires a lot of money and so long the location has internet connection, anybody can do a business anytime and anywhere he or she wants by just using only his or her laptop.


Why Do I Want To Do Online Home Based Business?

Because my time will be flexible.

My time is planned by myself and my office is my home as I do not need to spend time traveling out to office at all. So what time do I want to start my day to build my business is really up to my own planned schedule. However, a very strong discipline and a sense of ownership are needed to create a successful online business.

I can be in my pyjamas to do my online business.

This is the best part of having an online home based business. I do not need to wear formal uniform or any other working uniforms to start my work on my business because I own my business and I am working from home. I do not need to face anyone as compared in the office. All I need to focus on is just my day to day business activities and make sure whatever needs to be done for the day must be fulfilled, that is all.

I do not need to pay office rental fee.

I can save a lot of money doing online home based business as I only need to pay monthly or yearly website domain fee, and other social media advertising fees etc. which is definitely cost not more than an office rental fee. Moreover, setting up an office needs a lot of money to buy many resources such tables, chairs, computers and even hiring employees etc. So doing your online business at home is always the best saving way to do it!

I do not need to go out to get my sales.

Yes! This is also another best part. I work hard to get my sales online from the comfort of my home and I do not have to spend time to travel to meet potential customers or clients to get my sales. All these meet ups are quite time consuming and I have to spend money for traveling. Once I have built the strong system for my online business, everything will automatically do it for me, all from my home.

I do not need to face or employ any employee.

I only have to work hard for my online business at home or anywhere. For all the advertising strategies are under my own effort. How am I going to drive traffic to my website is part of my system for my business. So I do not need to have any employee to work for me.


The Key Thing Which Is Essential.

So once again, the key thing to achieve your financial freedom is to own a business with a system to generate an automatic cash flow without you having to be around managing it and it has to be process driven.

We all should have this one goal in mind and that is to aim to have enough passive income in order to live a fulfilling life without regrets.

So join me to embark on this journey of making passive income online through the power of affiliate marketing!


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