Music Xray Review – Make Money From Listening Music In 2017

Name: Music Xray


Type of Business: Music Tech Company

Price: $0 (Free to sign up)

Co-Founders: Mike McCready

Overall Rank: 5.5 out of 10



Hi, today I would like to talk about the review of Music Xray as I have signed up as a member in this company. It is free so I decided to give it a try and see how it goes. Well, I will introduce what is Music Xray all about first.

Music Xray is an online music platform company where music artists sign up as members and then upload their songs to get feedback from the listeners. The listeners are also from members of Music Xray and these musicians pay a fee to submit their music to Music Industry Professional in exchange for a guaranteed listen and response. So, in this company, you can choose either you are a Music Artist or a Music Fan or a Music Industry Professional when you sign up as a member.

music xray 1

For those people who wants to strive hard to become a successful musician, he or she can choose to be a Music Artist and get started to submit their music to get recognized by Music Industry Professional.

In this post, I would like to focus more about how can you make money on Music Xray as a Music Fan. Basically, as a Music Fan, you are only task to listen to music created by Music Artist and earn some amount of money. Whenever there is a new music, it will send it to you email and then you will click the link to go into the website to listen to the music. After you have listened the music, you will get paid and the money will be credited into your account.

Let’s take a look at the video about Music Xray as a Music Fan below.



The good thing about Music Xray is that it is absolutely free to sign up as a member and then you can actually earn real money just by listening to music only. All you need to do is to wait for new music to arrive in your inbox and then you click the link to access to the music. You do not need to do anything difficult to make money on Music Xray.

However, it is actually not as easy as what it is. There are more cons than pros.



Let me list out the not so good things about Music Xray.

1. You are unable to listen to the new music that is being sent to you inbox.

For myself, I have always experienced this kind of situation. Whenever a new music sent to my inbox, I opened the link and then the website stated there is no more music for me to listen to. So, I went to check some reviews online, saying that the new music have to quickly listen as soon as I received in my inbox before it disappears. After that, I kept looking at my inbox waiting for new music arrives so that I will not miss listening to the music and can be able to earn some money. However, I clicked the link just about one second after I received the new music in my inbox, but the website again stated that there is no more music for me to listen. I feel super cheated most of the time whenever Music Xray sent me an email. Throughout about nearly 20 emails sent to me, I managed to listen to 4 songs only and I did not click the links so fast at all. It was kind of like a luck that I managed to listen to those songs.


2. You only earn $0.10 per song that you have listened.

Yes, the total amount that I have earned was $0.40 only. How pathetic was that. In short, nobody can tap on this platform to make a simple living at all, not even part-time. If you want to make extra money, Music Xray is definitely not for you to start off with.

music xray 2

Take a look at the amount I earned after receiving so many emails from them.


3. You have to earn a minimum sum of $20 USD in order to be eligible for a payout.

By right, this rule is okay to most of the people. But, because it is so hard to even reach $1, how are we suppose to cash out the money?! Your earnings will forever get stucked inside your account and will never be able to use at all, even if is just a $0.40 only. So, it is actually equals to never earn make any money at all.


Who it is for?

I suppose it is not for those people who want to earn a full time income. It is more for people who want to become a popular music artist and for people who really love to listen to music, not about earning any money. However, you don’t really get to hear any songs because there is always no more music available to listen which I don’t even know why.


Training and Tools Overview

There is no training and tools overview for this so called Opportunity. It is all about listening to music and earn a small amount of money if there is a chance to listen to any music sent to your inbox.



There is a live chat and helpdesk in the customer support section at the bottom right corner of the website if you have any enquiries about the whole system of Music Xray. I have not tried before, but I am sure there will be able to answer all of your questions as they are a legitimate company.

music xray 3



Like I mentioned above, it is totally free to sign up as a member of Music Xray, be it Music Artist or Music Fan or Music Industry Professional. For Music Fan people, if you feel that the music you listened is very nice and great, you can give some tips to the Musician. I have not given any tip to anybody before, but I believe the tip probably is only a few cents or dollars.


Compensation Plan

As I mentioned above, you will get to earn only $0.10 per music listened. In order to be eligible for a payout, you need to earn a minimum sum of $20 and you need to set up your PayPal account to connect with Music Xray so that the company can pay you.


My Opinion

Please do not join Music Xray for money. If you truly love music, then yes, you can join the company. If you want to earn a lot of money or maybe just a part-time income, I will recommend you to look for other opportunities instead. There is no such thing as earning a lot of money without putting any effort to make it happen. Successful people work hard to achieve their success, not just sit at home and wait for emails to arrive.


Wealthy Affiliate VS Music Xray

For Music Xray

music xray logo

It is good that it is free to sign up as a member but earnings are peanuts and you need to wait for new music to arrive. If there is no new music, then it means you will not earn anything. Moreover, there is no guarantee that you will be able to listen to the music as you may have to click very fast in order not to miss it or maybe some luck is needed to be able to listen the songs.


For Wealthy Affiliate


Needless to say, it is definitely 100% better than Music Xray as this platform will make sure you can earn a sustainable full time income by following their lessons. It is also free to sign up as a starter member and that is even better! What’s more can you ask for? So far, there is not a single platform that provides 10 lessons for starter member to build online business.



Overall, joining Wealthy Affiliate will be most recommended be it if you want to earn extra money or building an online business. If you have the passion purely on music, then you can sign up as a Music Artist and work your way up to get recognized by Music Industry Professional. If not, I will never recommend anybody to join Music Xray to earn money as I see it is almost impossible to withdraw that $20 at all.


Check it out:

*Top No. 1 Recommendation to join and build up your online business!


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2 Replies to “Music Xray Review – Make Money From Listening Music In 2017”

  1. At first I thought that getting paid on listening to music is a new thing but personally I do not liked the idea because somehow I feel like it was not a fully completed idea.

    Music lovers usually have different taste.

    Artist normally work really hard and like you say normally give their work for free to get an audience.

    At some point where the skills have become better he can make music for already established artist or a collaboration.

    Edmghostproducers are one such of example where great DJs outsource their music by buying remade one.

    Also Beatport where new artist can get signed by a label such as spinning record if they see potential in the artist.

    1. Hi, thanks for reading. Earning money through music is actually a good thing but not just by listening and waiting for music to arrive. There is no free lunch in this world. Every achievements got to have hard work and great amount of effort in order to attain it. People who want to become a music artist, can, no problem. But not as a music fan trying to earn some money from it.

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