Self-Employed Jobs That You Can Do In Singapore.

Its been quite awhile since I write posts again. Today, I would like to share about self-employed jobs that you can do in Singapore.

In Singapore, life is always been a stressful one and every morning on the weekdays, most people will go to work like as if they are rushing to get as much money as possible. Trains are often breakdown due to some technical faults. Although people are complaining in the social media but life still carries on as per normal. Bosses from most companies are getting used to this reason about the train fault issues because it sort of become like a standard routine in the country.

Most people in Singapore are all well-educated as most of them are degree holders and holding high appointments in their jobs. It is very competitive to fight for a good salary jobs and there are some degree holders end up either unemployed or doing part-time jobs or holding a lower appointments.

Although good salary jobs are hard to find, but there are still some people in Singapore choose to be self-employed. There are some self-employed jobs that you can do if you couldn’t find a job that is suitable for you and probably these jobs can let you earn quite a decent income if you work hard for it.

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Why are there still some people choose to be self-employed?

Self-employed jobs are actually good for some reasons. Why? Let’s find out the reasons below:

1. The working hours is flexible.

The working hours for a normal job is often from 9am to 5pm on the weekdays whereby being self-employed, the working hours is totally depends on individual as nobody controls your movements as you are working for yourself. The great thing about this is that you do not have to work a fixed 8 hours in order to have your own free time. However, discipline plays an important part of being a self-employed person to sustain a decent income.

2. You don’t have to squeeze inside the train with people to rush for work.

As you can choose what time do you want to start your day, you can avoid the morning peak hours to squeeze with the crowd inside the train or bus. Some self-employed jobs do not even required to take public transport to the work place as you can start your day anywhere you want.

3. You have a chance to earn a high income.

I feel that this is a good opportunity for you to earn more than your fixed salary as there is no limitation to how much you can earn. The sky is the limit. The more hardworking you are, the more earnings or commissions you will get. Your only limitation is your time. So you probably got to work faster or close more deals per day.

4. You do not have any bosses to report to.

Yes, this is also one good thing about working for yourself. You are your own boss and you are responsible for your own earnings. No one will care about how good or bad your work performance is. You set your own standards and KPI for every month. No one will also scold you, demote you and gives you OT(Over-Time). Only your income will reflect your performance.

5. You will not get fired from your job.

Because you are the boss and there are nobody who can fire you. Your earnings will then determine whether you are screwed or not. Although this is another good point of being self-employed, but then again the discipline, determination and the effort must be there in order to strive to have a good decent income.


What are the self-employed jobs that you can do?

There are many self-employed jobs in Singapore that you can do. You may or may not have to go through a formal interview to determine whether you will get the job or not and I would think you can get the job easily. All you need to have is yourself and your attitude to do it.

So here are the 10 companies that you can be a self-employed in Singapore that I know of and can earn a quite a good amount of money per month if you work hard:

1. Uber.


Website: Ride with Uber.

This is like any other Taxi driver except that you either use your own car or rent a car from car rental shops then download the Uber application from your smart phones, sign up to create an account to become an Uber driver and you are good to go. It is simple and easy to get hired. You can also sign up through their website mentioned above. The only tough part is you need to be good at knowing all the roads and places in Singapore plus the amount of effort you put in to pick up as many passengers as possible in order to cover back your petrol fees, rental fees and then make profits.

Let’s take a look at how is the earning summary be like:

Earnings Dashboard


Weekly Summary


Daily Earnings

Daily Earnings

All these images above are from the Uber website itself. So this is how it works.

Sometimes, I will take Uber to certain places then I will often have some chit-chat session with the driver. I will always ask this one question to the driver, “How much roughly do you earn per month?”, and most of them will answer me the rough amount, be it a part-timer or a full-timer.

For a full-timer, you can earn up to about $4000 to $5000 SGD per month if you work 12 hours per day for about 6 days every week.

For a part-timer, you can earn up to about $500 to $700 SGD per month depending on the amount of free time you have. If you are on school holidays, you can go full force by driving the whole day to earn more. If you are working a full-time job, then you will probably have the evening time to drive but please do not drive until too late because you got work the next day! Or you will spend more time driving on the weekends which means lesser time for your family so give and take.

2. Grab.


Wesbite: Drive with Grab.

This is the same as Uber. All you need to do is to have the Grab application in your smart phone, a car and sign up to create an account. You can also sign up through their website too. Same procedures as Uber and you are good to go. The only difference is how the company is paying you. I seldom take Grab so I am not so sure how much a Grab driver earns per month but I have a friend whom I saw him about 2 to 3 months ago driving a Honda Fit car as a part-time Grab driver and I asked him, “How is it feels like earning money while driving?’. He told me that the earning is not bad but he never said any rough amount that he earns per month. So I would guess that it should be the same as Uber for the earnings that you can get.

3. foodpanda.


Website: Ride with foodpanda.

If you have a motorbike or a bicycle, foodpanda application in your smart phone, apply to become a delivery rider and you are ready to start working. You can earn up to $26 per hour or $6000 SGD per month depending on the amount of trips you delivered. The more hardworking you are, the more money you will earn. However, riding in general is a bit more dangerous than driving as it is more prone to get into accident so please ride safely!

4. Deliveroo.


Website: Take Deliveroo with you.

Same thing as the foodpanda. You need a motorbike or bicycle, Deliveroo application in your smart phone and apply to become a delivery rider. Deliveroo and foodpanda works almost exactly the same except that the payouts maybe different. One good thing about Deliveroo is you will get paid for each friend refer to Deliveroo to become a delivery rider. The earnings should be about the same as compared with foodpanda. You just got work hard to earn more! Riding is dangerous on road especially on high way where most riders love to speed up a lot more. So I am going to say this the 2nd time; please ride safely!

5. honestbee.


Website: Become a bee.

This company also provides the same service as foodpanda and Deliveroo. Honestbee has one more additional job offer and that is to become a shopper bee. If you don’t want to be a rider, you can be a shopper bee! Shopper bee is actually means to be a grocery shopper to help customers to shop for their grocery items that they ordered through Honestbee application and then deliver it to their house. I believe there are certain supermarket outlets that Honestbee works with where you can go and shop for those groceries, depending on where is your location that you apply for in the Honestbee application.

Be a rider, you can earn up to $22 SGD per hour.

Be a shopper bee, you can earn up to $11 SGD per hour.


Be a Financial Consultant.

If you want to be a Financial Consultant to advise people about their financial wealth and sell insurances, here are the 3 companies which I would recommend you to apply as their reputation is quite well-maintained:

6. Prudential.


Website: Always listening, always understanding.

I went to their recruitment talk to see and find out what is the job like to be a Financial Consultant. I can say that this company is professional in the way they present themselves about their company and their training structures are very well-organized. So if you want to be a Financial Consultant, you can make this as your number 1 choice.

I did not join this company as I always want to do an online business from the comfort of my home.

7. Great Eastern.

Great Eastern

Website: Always making life great.

This company also quite reputable in Singapore and I have a Financial Consultant from Great Eastern because I buy some of the insurances from there. One of the good insurance company that you can look into.

8. NTUC Income.

NTUC Income

Website: Made different.

The reason why I choose this company as one of the company that you can join is because of its stability. NTUC Income is a strong company that will never fall behind the rest of other company.

I would say all these 3 companies are all equally good but the only difficult part is always getting your first sale. Becoming a Financial Consultant is one of the good choice as you will get to earn passive income as you progress along the way to the management level, provided it has to be process driven by the people under you.


Be a Property Agent.

For those who inspire to sell properties such as condos or terrace houses can apply to become a Property Agent. Here are the 2 companies which I would recommend you to apply for it as I got friends who are doing extremely well:

9. Huttons Asia Pte Ltd


Website: The Agency of Choice.

This company has been around for more than 10 years. I have a good friend who has been in this company for quite some time is doing good and he earns probably more than $10 000 per month.

10. OrangeTee.Com Pte Ltd


Website: Shaping our future together.

The organization structure is very neat and they have a very solid vision. I also have a female friend working in this company that excel. Companies that have a good vision of where will they be in the future means that they will definitely make sure every single Property Agent is well-trained before going to get sales.


Last but not least…

The most ideal self-employed job or rather a business is to start your own work from home business! Nothing is better than working from home plus making it as a passive income. All of the jobs above, you need to use your time to trade off with money. As for home based business, once your business becomes stable, the system will becomes automatic and your passive income will comes in again and again. Hence, you do not need to trade off your time with money in order to keep earning and earning.

Wealthy Affiliate is always the best home based business platform to start. I would always recommend this platform because whatever tools, notes and guidance you need are all inside. You will definitely achieve your success if you follow through the lessons step by step.


Check it out:

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Let’s Talk!

Please do comment below if you have any feedback or anything that you want to share with me.

Have a great day!

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  1. Wow! Sweet article – I’m not living in Singapore… but Bangkok, and there are jobs similar to the food deliveries on the motorbike. I would love to do something like that on the side.

    I’m happy you mentioned Wealthy Affiliate – I’ve also been a member there for almost a year, and you can seriously build your own online business to earn revenue. It takes hard work – but what’s cool is that anyone can do it, and from any location!

    Thanks for all the suggestions! Cheers! xx

    1. Hi there, thanks for reading my post. Nice to know that there are also food deliveries in Bangkok, interesting!

      Yup, Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the best platform to build online business without the need to see or meet any person or hard sell any products to any people. The tools that are needed will be a computer and an internet connection only. Good that you are a member, I pretty sure that you have already earned quite a decent income from the comfortable of your home. 🙂

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