What are the habits that hold you back from being rich and successful?

Everything that we do in life, it either moves us towards or away from what we want. Every action has a positive or negative value. How do you assess that value? Life-forwarding actions lead to positive results. If the actions fails to move you forward then it is negative results.

Well, a major part of that development is identifying the habits that are holding you back from being a person who attracts your dream reality and replacing those old ineffective habits with new ones that bring you closer to that dream.

So what is a habit? It is an action on a regular basis and something that becomes instinctive.

What is a bad habit? It is a negative behavior pattern from a person such as procrastination, overspending and gossiping.

Habits can be the most challenging barrier to your success because so many of them have literally been hard-wired into your psyche. Habits are usually things we pick up by imitating people or by starting them on our own. Most habits are dangerous or bad, some are annoying or good and some do not have pros and cons.

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There are 13 habits that I would like to share which hold you back from being rich and successful.

1. Procrastination

This is a time killer. We procrastinate when we are lazy or just don’t feel like doing anything. Imagine if you have 10 tasks to perform on a particular day and you keep on saying “I will do them later.” until it becomes too late.

Procrastination can cover a lack of confidence or a fear of being wrong or being criticized. Being want to be perfect makes us slow to start on a new initiative or to begin the next stage of an existing one because we want to be sure that the strategy or plan will be flawless.

If you have something to do, make sure you discipline yourself to do it at the appropriate time.

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2. Social media addiction

Are you that kind of person that tells your friends to repeat their stories because your attention was divided? In our daily routine, we must realize that we were actually busy scrolling and clicking on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media most of the time.

Social media addiction can affect the way you relate to people in reality and it wastes precious time.

The more time we spend on social media, the lesser time we have to develop the true kind of friendship and bond with offline friends, colleagues and family members.


3. Not being a reader

There is a saying which states “Readers are leaders”. The rich and successful people invest on time and effort to expand their knowledge. They keep up with news and trends in their industry, learn more from inspirational biographies and remaining relevant.

Reading brings in different perspectives, allow various points of view to broaden your own, pushes you to dream bigger and motivates you to never give up said as stated by Will.


4. Holding grudges

Sometimes, people do terrible things that make you thinking of holding a grudge against them. Holding a grudge makes you bitter and it makes your heart heavy. Consider forgiving those people but never allow yourself to be let down again.

People who hold grudges are hurting themselves. You got to stop keeping records of the wrong things people do to you and it is poisonous to your life.

There is this quote that says “To err is human but to forgive is divine.”.


5. Doubting yourself

Every time you encounter something, the first comment that comes to your mind is “I can’t do it.” or “Can I do it?” even when you have not given it a try. You give yourself billions of reasons why you can’t do it and then you become fully convinced that you really can’t do it.

Success will never come knocking on your door if you keep doubting yourself. The possibility will come to you when you make your first step out. So go out there and experiment something!


6. Not assessing your mistakes

Mistakes are part of one’s life and we all know that. But making the same mistakes over and over again shows there is something going wrong seriously.

You need to assess the mistakes by breaking them down and asking yourself honest questions, first of all why they may be happening and why you didn’t act differently from last time. This will help you find better solutions for the future.


7. Dwelling on the past

Yesterday is history. Each minute you dwell on your past, you lose one minute from today. The past is surely a place to remember but not a place to stay.

The past is gone, let go of it and move on.


8. Talking to yourself in public

Talking to yourself helps you organize your thoughts and we sometimes make the right choices and decisions when we talk to ourselves first. It is beneficial to certain extend. However, if you want to organize your thoughts by talking to yourself, don’t let people hear you if you don’t want to look insane.


9. Spending too much time watching TV

This reduces your mental capacity and you feel your head with so much fiction and useless information. Watching TV is not a crime but when you spend so much time watching TV, you are developing a lazy lifestyle and this also wastes precious time.

If you do not have anything to do, you can consider reading an inspiring article or hanging out with friends and family or just engage yourself with something beneficial to your life or the lives of other people.


10. Extravagant Spending

Spending more than you need is considered wasteful and inconsiderate. If you have an excess of anything, you can save some money for the future. You can also consider giving some to people who have nothing or little things in life. It doesn’t get hurt to be generous or good.


11. Staying in your comfort zone

Taking risks and stepping out of your comfort zone can be unsettling. But it’s until you take that step that you will find financial success. The pursuit of wealth requires certain calculated risks. Most people don’t even dare to take a small risk or learn to love to be in an uncomfortable zone and that is why they are not wealthy.


12. Not asking questions

No one knows everything. If a person always never ask any questions regards to anything in life, he or she will always be lacking of knowledge. If you are uncertain about an investment or business idea, do not hesitate to ask for feedback and advice that will surely help you to move forward.


13. Comparing yourself to others

Success should be a personal matter. Each individual should define what success means to own-self. Find out what is important to you and strive to achieve your success.

You do not need to look at others and always knocking yourself down because you haven’t achieved what they have. You have your divine right to create the kind of success that you have worked hard for.

Know the rules

All the above habits has happened to most of us in daily life. So a change of our habits to become better in order to move one step closer to our success is needed. Successful people have good habits that we all ought to learn from.

To achieve success in your life, there are 4 steps which are good to cultivate your habits and change your mindset:

1. Have a clear vision on what you want to achieve.

Be clear of what you want to accomplish and make sure you can visualize it to make it possible to achieve it. You also need to be very specific about the things that you are aiming at and write it down somewhere that you are able to see it everyday to constantly remind yourself.


2. Know why you want to achieve your goal.

People only effectively motivated by certain things. You may want to lose weight to look better for your upcoming high school reunion or to improve your health for some other reason. Be sure that the reason is a good one that you really believe in.


3. Know what are the steps you need to take to achieve your goal.

Come out with a list of the steps and plan out each day you will work on them. Strictly follow it through and seek for professional help when in doubt of your own steps. Remember, discipline is the main key to get yourself moving forward.


4. Plan your daily calendar to work on your goal.

We only have 24 hours everyday and minus off the 8 hours of sleep plus 8 hours of full time job, we still left only 8 hours of free time. Time is precious and we all should treat every second very important. Plan your time well to make sure your achieve something everyday, even if is only a tiny achievement.



Any good habit can die and be replaced with a bad habit much more easily than cultivating and maintain good habits. Eating a doughnut once a month may not kill you, but if you are eating three of them a week, your healthy breakfast habit will get defeated.


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2 Replies to “What are the habits that hold you back from being rich and successful?”

  1. I must admit that I do fall into the traps of procrastination from time to time. I know that setting goals, planning and self-discipline is a must for success. But sometimes it may not work as I wished. I’ve heard that NLP is a great tool to eradicate negative behaviors completely. Have you heard about it?

    1. Yeah! I have heard about NLP! It stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. However, I have not tried the course before. The famous Singapore Millionaire named Adam Khoo teaches NLP and it really helps a lot of people to change their negative thinking! I’m on my way planning to sign up for his course soon!

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