What should you be really learning as a student?

Students go to school to get educated and study different courses to enable them to understand their field of choice. These courses concentrate on their field of study and nothing more. After they graduated from school, they will start to go into working society to earn an income.

There are many people in the working society do not know how to manage their finances and they stay broke trying to survive every month. So, in order to avoid financial problem and achieve financial success, they will need to acquire 3 important knowledge in life.


The 3 important knowledge are:

Financial Education

Students graduated from school without financial knowledge. Most of them do not know how to spend money wisely and also save money.

Financial lessons are usually not taught in schools rather students are taught calculus, world history, and advanced chemistry. Most of the students are not grounded on fundamental money lessons to enable them to navigate the real world financially.

Financial Education

This knowledge is very important in order to fight inflation and be able to retire early or on time at 60s. If you think saving money is good enough, I suggest you to start learning what is inflation all about first.


Learn how to start an online business

The Internet is the place where everyone connects with each other throughout the entire world and we cannot live without it to do our day to day activities. It is best to do an online business as it is the fastest, easiest and probably cheaper to get you started.

Moreover, you can do it at anywhere you want with just a laptop and an internet connection. Also, you can do it at your own time management.

There are a lot of people are actually making a decent income online and there are so many opportunities on the internet. So, it is proven that doing an online business can make a living.

Start Online Business

They are various sites that teach how to make money online. Online business will also give the student the opportunity to be exposed to the internet and will be able to meet millions of people all over the world.

So learn how to start an online business today!


Know the number of ways to make money online

Ways to make money online

There are so many ways that can earn money online. The following are some of the ways that can make money online:

  • Create an online buying and selling website.

You can create an online site which engages in buying and selling of products and then becomes a marketplace for people. The duty of the website is to ensure that the buyer gets his product and the seller gets his money. You also can earn money from placing ads and earn commission from it.

  • Create a blogging site.

A blog is easy and free to create. You can start with a blog for your own business first if you don’t want to spend a penny of it. Some people create a blog shop to sell their own products and earn a living.

There is totally no loss in starting a business on a blog which I think is a great advantage to it. Your blog can make money through advertisements too if it becomes very popular.



Overall, students should be really learning more about financial knowledge and management before they start to step into the real working society. If you do not want to lose your money without you knowing it, then start to find out more about the 3 important knowledge mentioned above.


Quote of the Day!

“Be daring to accept failure in order for yourself to learn from your mistakes to get closer to your success.”


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8 Replies to “What should you be really learning as a student?”

  1. Thank you for your helpful tips.

    I am surprised how little the school system really teaches students about using money, relationships or other very practical things about life. Still, they teach us for example many kind of trees, animals, fish or lakes that we will probably even ever see in our whole life. Still, we use money every day and communicate with people every day and they don’t teach about those things almost at all.

    1. Hi Roope, you are right about the school system. In school life, the education system prepares the students to be ready to work hard on someone’s else. More over, most of the students after they graduated, they don’t really find a job that is relevant to what they have studied for their many past years! In life, I believe we are born to achieve what we want to achieve. However, some of unlucky ones can’t do what they want to do in their lives due to financial limitations. So, from what I think that financial knowledge is very important to each and everyone of us, be it rich or poor people in this world.

  2. I’ve always wondered if it would be possible to start up an online business along side the subject you are studying in college or universtiy. I feel the two could sort of work hand in hand together for students – most subjects have diverse niches right? Great article – really made me think!

    1. Hi Chris, you are welcome! I just feel that students should also be learning about financial management and know the fact of salary limitations if working under a boss of a company. Some more, there will always have recessions at about every 10 years. So, working for someone else is not really in a safe zone. That’s why students before they graduate should learn all these that I have mentioned in the article.

      Cheers. 🙂

  3. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing. You’re right, college does not educate us in finances. However, I learned about real life finances on my own at a young age.

    You see, I come from a family where the son is more important than daughters. It was a rough life, but I did what I had to do to become something.

    I started working at 12 and started saving my money. I was very frugal with my spending as I learned how difficult it was to earn a dollar.

    I hastily moved out of my parent’s house. I wasn’t ready, but I had to. It was now or never. I put myself in a situation where I had to survive on my own.

    I knew what bills I had, how much I could spend for school and still have some leftover for necessities. It was hard to live paycheck to paycheck, but my happiness was more important.

    Math was my favorite subject in school, so I think I managed it well. I am working towards a plan to retire earlier than 65. My only struggle is my significant other who has no clue of his finances.


    1. Hi Sofia, I believe you can make it as you learned about the real life to live on your own and you know the importance of it. Keep on working towards your plan and stay focus in it. Spread to many people as possible about the advantage of having financial education at an early age. 🙂

  4. Lucky enough for me, I was able to learn from school and learn from my own lessons to save money. Since I learned how to do that so young, I wanted to know how to make more money and it sounds like online is where to do that. I also signed up for Wealthy Affiliate and I say its the best decision of my life!

    1. Hi Kenny, glad to hear that you joined Wealthy Affiliate. I am 100% sure that you will not regret and you will be successful building your online business through the lessons inside.

      Most of the schools never teach students about money management and that is why when the students grow up, they don’t have the thinking about the importance of financial and wealth. They will most probably only feel that money is important for survival and not for freedom. It is good that you learn to save money from young. Continue to build that habit and you will retire in no time.

      All the best for your online business!

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