Why do you need a website to do online business?

There’s no denying it, the Internet has changed our lives – it’s allowed the entire world to communicate, share ideas, do business faster and more efficiently than ever before. From Toronto to Tokyo, people are connecting with one another in ways that just a few years ago would have seemed impossible.

Sure, Windsor, Ontario might not be the largest city in the world, but the fact remains that to stay competitive, a website for your business or organization is practically a must have.

For example, e-commerce has changed the way that companies do business – small, privately owned stores are able to open and operate solely on the Internet, and actually compete with the big brand name stores.


Here are the 17 reasons and benefits why you need a website:

1. Low cost advertising

Getting your business or product to the consumer can be challenging, especially with the high cost of more traditional advertisement mediums like direct mail, newspaper ads, radio and television. Comparatively, a website is cheaper than these conventional advertising methods and will reach to world-wide audience.


2. Say goodbye to reprinting costs

Wile printed advertisements are great when they are hot off the printing press, they become outdated rather quickly as new products and services are introduced. As a result, you are forced to spend more money to reprint the advertisement.

On the other hand, with a website, information about new products and services can be updated at any time, so your customers will always have relevant and up-to-date information about your business.


3. E-Commerce

You heard it everywhere; e-commerce is booming and has permitted the entire world to easily trade and do business with one another. Now setting up an e-commerce website has never been easier – professional web-developers can easily and efficiently set up your website for e-commerce.

Essentially, this enables your customers to effortlessly and conveniently browse and buy your products online. It also effectively gives your sales a bost with no direct involvement from you.


4. Open an online store for a fraction of the cost of a physical store

Imagine opening a store without needing to pay rent, utilities, property and liability insurance, property taxes, repair and maintenance, supplies and labor costs. Although you need to pay for your website domain monthly or yearly, it only costs you about $25++ per year.

Moreover, your store is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and reaches a worldwide customer base of over 400 million consumers – heck, if your suppliers will drop-ship, you do not even need to maintain an inventory.

It might sound too good to be true but that’s what a website with an online store can offer – in essence, an e-commerce website allows you to display information about all your products, complete with images, detailed written descriptions, audio clips, and video clips without the need to open a physical store.


5. Allows your customers to check product availability

Having your e-commerce website automatically check your product database allows any potential customers to instantly check if the product they want is in stock or when it will be available. Moreover, this will save your sales representatives time by allowing customers to directly check product availability themselves.

Fortunately, a web-developer can program your website to do just that, making your e-commerce website a powerful tool for both you and your customers.


6. Increase brand identity

Having your own domain name for your business or organization (www.yourcompany.com) will allow you to establish a very strong sense of online brand identity with your customers.

Moreover, it allows you to set up e-mail address to specific to your business so that customers can communicate quickly, easily and professionally via e-mail with any person of your company (i.e. you@yourcompany.com).


7. The ability to reach specialized markets

Many customers looking for rare or specialized products, services and information oftentimes look towards the Internet rather than limit themselves to their local area stores. A website can help you to reach these specialized markets because of the sheer number of Internet users.


8. To have an improved customer service

A “Frequently Asked Questions”, or F.A.Q. is a great feature you can add to your website which allows you to publish your own list of questions that are asked all the time, or even questions that are rarely asked.

Using well thought out questions and answers, written in as much detail as you like and exactly as you’d like stated will provide your customers with immediate help with their questions.

In addition, it can provide your own customer service staff with a reference tool.


9. Provide efficient technical support

No doubt, providing technical support to your customers is absolutely vital and with a well developed website, it can be made much easier. With your website, you can provide your customers with up-to-date user manuals, detailed diagrams and product specifications.

With all this information easily laid-out to your customers, this also can save you the cost of extra technical support staff.


10. Permits customers to send immediate feedback

The Internet allows you to receive immediate feedback from your customers – using features such as customer surveys, contact forms and of course e-mail enables you to have feedback straight from your customers.

As a result, you can tailor your products, services and even customer service or technical support based on what your customers really need and want.


11. Your competition may or may not have a website

Simply put, the Internet is an integrative part of our daily lives nowadays and not having a website puts you at a competitive disadvantage against your competition if they have a website.

Remember, at any time, potential customers can visit your website for information or even to buy the product or services you offer.

On the other hand, if your competition does not have a website and you do, then you are at a much more competitive position than they are as they are limited to local customers, while you can literally reach a worldwide customer base with your website.


12. Give your customers a valuable source of printable information

When someone visits your website, they can download and print just about anything that appears on their screen. This allows you to provide your customers with things they can print out, such as product literature, a map to your business, application forms, assembly instructions for your products, dimensional drawings etc.


13. Construct a user or customer database

When someone visits your website, you now have a new contact that can be saved to build a user or customer database. This allows you to pull up demographic information about people who visit your website. Using this information, you gain a better understanding of who your online customers are.

As a result, you can use this knowledge to create complimentary marketing strategies which are customized to their interests. Moreover, having a database of your customers is a great way to stay in touch with them and enables you to send a follow up e-mail, or even occasionally send them information about new products or services.


14. Even more free advertising

Undoubtedly, a very important and powerful feature of the Internet is the ability for your website to link to other sites. Well, more importantly is the ability for other websites to link to YOUR website. In fact, this permits people to find your website through several different channels.

Hence, this increases the potential traffic to your website and essentially is free advertising for your business or organization.


15. Using your website to supplement your advertisements

While your company might use more traditional advertising media, such as newspaper ads, radio, or even television, having a website is still a great way to supplement your existing advertising.

Essentially, by adding your website into your current advertisements, you are letting your customers know exactly where they can go to get more information about your business, products or services right away conveniently in their own homes.


16. Easily recruit qualified employees

If you have a position open in your business or organization, one of the easiest and most efficient ways to find that new employee is to announce the opening on your website.

In fact, the Internet has become a driving force in recruiting qualified and valuable employees.


17. More and more customers now expect a website

Nowadays, customers or clients expect more businesses to have a website to see basic information about the business such as product, service, and contact information. Let’s face it, most of us have become enthralled with the global phenomenon that is the Internet.

The number of people using the Internet has literally grown exponentially, and many consumers look on the Internet for information about businesses, products or services.


Now is the time…

As you can see, there are numerous reasons why having a website would be beneficial to your company or organization. Simply put, the Internet is now part of our infrastructure, and if your business hopes to remain competitive in today’s technologically savvy and fast-paced business world, a well developed and designed website is absolutely crucial.

If you currently do not have a website, it is not too late. The time is now


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8 Replies to “Why do you need a website to do online business?”

  1. Hi there! You make a lot of really good points in this article. It is true that in today’s day and age, people expect a reputable company be it online or offline, to have a website. Your company website says everything about your online business and I think it’s one of the most important things that people need to get right.

    I started an online business several months ago and although its a time consuming process, the costs are extremely low in comparison to starting a conventional business. As you pointed out here, my costs are a mere fraction of what they would have been with a bricks and mortar business.

    Anyone can open an online business now because the process is no longer complicated and as you have shown here, there are lots of ways to reach customers. I have even started building sites for business owners that don’t have websites. And believe me, there are tons of businesses out there that don’t yet have a website!

    1. Hi Andrew, I totally agree with you that starting an online business does not require a lot of capital. All you need is how much effort are you will to put in or not. Moreover, nowadays there are many people do their shopping online because the products are cheaper! So, a website is essential for any kind of business. There are people who start their online business without having a website which I think it is not sustainable because they don’t have their own platform and they don’t kind of own it.

  2. The internet has truly opened up business opportunities for pretty much anybody willing to work hard enough. With over three billion current internet users, it’s the largest marketplace on earth. Everyone is connected, you can share information easily, and thus, online business is a great avenue to pursue with the right training, support, and tools. Whats the #1 resource you’d recommend for beginners in internet marketing?

    1. Hi Matt, for beginners in internet marketing, I will recommend them to join Wealthy Affiliate as they provide steps by steps lessons from scratch and guide you through the whole process of your online business journey until you achieve your success. This is the best opportunity I have ever seen as their starter membership is free and they already providing a lot of things for free. No other opportunities have this much of free lessons to get beginners to start off with.

      Thanks for reading my article.

      Cheers. 🙂

  3. Hi Peter, nice breakdown – ive proven this all for myself as well – all the reasons you give for having a website to do an online business effectively i have seen for myself. Like you say, in such a fast moving technology based society, a quality website is more crucial now then ever before!

    Thanks for sharing this!

    1. Hi, you are welcome. Most people start their own online business without having their own website which I think is not so ideal and they only depend on other e-commerce platforms to make money. There are some only using affiliate links and Facebook page to keep promoting the products or services, hoping to earn some money out of it. To really make it big in the online business world, website is definitely a must to have it and is like you own a shop of your own and then build your reputation from it. People must understand the importance of having your own website for business. Wealthy Affiliate is the best online training platform to build your website for your business!

  4. Good Article Peter! I recognize all the points you make having a website myself. I am a beginner and I have to say that I am receiving great guidance at WA.
    People may be scared because it will take a lot of work but that is a normal process that comes with it. Other than winning the lottery everything you have in your life has required some work from you. Additionally having your own website gives you more control o what to post, how to post it and when to post it.

    1. That is true! I agree with what you said. However, the main purpose to have a website to do online business is to build a reputation for your company and to have a long term sustainability. I have seen a lot of people only using affiliate link to promote to many people through social media. Some of them did earn some money and some of them did not even make any cent. Then people don’t really remember these affiliate links and they only remember the products or service of the company. So in the end, they just go straight to the company and not your affiliate link.

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